Membership Application

The information noted below is provided for those who are interested in becoming members of CCFCC.

Requirements for Membership/Ordination

Each applicant must:

  • Subscribe to the CCFCC Mission Statement, Statement of Faith, General Polity Statement and Conditions of Membership, and the Code of Ethics for Clergy and other Church Professionals.
  • Have a viable ministry which warrants the applicant being ordained and/or have demonstrated practical ministry experience.
  • Have at least three references, which positively respond to the applicant and his or her ministry.
  • Submit to an oral interview conducted by a CCFCC Ordained Minister This interview may take place locally or at the CCFCC Annual Synod.
  • Arrange for and forward a copy of a police records check to be included with the application package.
  • Meet the following minimum educational requirements:
    • A theological degree, diploma or certificate from a recognized institution.
    • The applicant has been licensed or ordained by a denomination or organization, acceptable to the Credentials Committee, and has satisfied requirements equivalent to those outlined above.

Individual Applications

Download the individual member application package:

Affiliation Applications

Download the church affiliation application package:

If you require more information or have further questions about becoming a member, please contact us.